Monday, 25 April 2011

How To Pose :D

after watching my friend's picture and most of it or maybe i should say most of them look so nice.. macho and handsome or there's an element in there..
somehow i doesn't see that element in all the picture that have me inside (T_T)
i just feel "o my is that me in that picture?" what am i doing there it just spoil the photoes because i look as stifff as a wood!!! (~_~)

so i decided to make this post and keep it.. look a bit awkward but i need to make myself think of
how can a guy pose so i'll look better in the mere future when i want to join in a photograph session
some look so sexy but will do la.. as long as i'm in a cloths it'll look just like a normal posing for a guy.. i doubt myself will dare to even pose the one on the beach :P

1 comment:

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